Artist Statement

photo 2Plein air painters paint from life with a passion like no other in the world of painters. As an ‘open air’ painter, I channel all my sensory faculties to absorb the truth in sight complemented by the atmosphere around me. By placing myself among these magnificent gifts of light and nature, my visions are propelled from my head to my hand to my canvas. First known as Realist in the 19th century revolutionary painters such as Manet, Monet, Degas, and Renoir collectively gave birth to Impressionism. These Impressionistic masters, as I, embrace the philosophy that I must trust my eyes by physically registering the color of light. This is the basis of plein air painting…to see nature not as form, but rather light on form. This then is my unique personal ‘philosophy’ of light on form. I use no formulas for painting but have learned to trust my own vision to find truth before me.