photo 2Michigan artist, Alan Maciag (b.1950), is a 1974 graduate of Central Michigan University with a Masters Degree in Art Education.  He has retired after teaching art for the last thirty-two years in the Frankenmuth School District.

An avid drawer, Alan has captured visual memories of past vacations and camping trips throughout Michigan filling numerous sketch books.  These sketches have served as valuable subject matter to so many of his oil paintings.  His inspired works are numerous and are in private collections in California, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Germany and France.

In the awaking light of the early morning you might find Alan, a plein-air painter, capturing the essence of the visual moments presented before him in the vast rural farmland around his home.

When not painting on site Alan can be found painting in the garden paradise of his home.  Alan’s back yard is a sanctuary for his creative thought.

Alan’s avid interest in architecture and gardening are reoccurring themes in his current body of work.

It is the pure beauty of nature at its finest hour that inspires Alan’s oil paintings.  Alan is especially moved by sunlight and the magic a ray of light can cast upon a particular subject revealing the depth and fundamental form waiting to be captured on canvas…from a field of poppies to an Ida Red apple.

Alan’s rural landscapes are a balance between form, distance, colour, and content.  This balance creates a sense of calm and bucolic reverence for the rural heritage of Michigan, for the wonderland of her vacation lakes or for the sanctuary within a garden or public space.   It is as though you have been given a gift; to simply ‘step in’ for a moment and be surrounded by the spirit captured on that canvas.

Alan also has an ability to capture the energy of city life.  His paint strokes capture the hustle and bustle of humanity, simplifying them to a palatable content.  Alan literally draws out the quintessential elements that are the breath of life in his subjects and definition of statements.  You will ‘feel’ the city as you gaze upon his city views.

Ever evolving, Alan’s work is growing as the artist grows influenced by the beauty surrounding him as seen through his eyes.